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No Time for Spotted Dick

This simple recipe, based on one from an old international cookery book*  for Palace Bread can be used by anyone who wants a reasonable substitute for a suet pudding, but without the number of calories or expense of steaming. Even … Continue reading

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Vietnamese Coriander

Or to give it its Latin name, Persicaria odorata, is my kind of plant. It is easy to grow, not everyone has heard of it, and you can eat the leaves, too. It has the taste of coriander, with the … Continue reading

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You can do this too!

This is a relatively simple project, that costs almost nothing to make if you already have the tools. It harks back to the days of the Early American settlers, and gives a new life to an empty tin can. You … Continue reading

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Learn from someone who knows

Wednesday’s event will be a great opportunity to find out about the practical side of gardening from people who already do it themselves. Anyone can read a book about something (and it is a perfectly valid way of learning any … Continue reading

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The Lost Treasure of Essex

    The other week, I was visiting friends in Kent and passed an orchard that stood next to the motorway. In one field I was shocked to see rows of trees with fruit left uncollected, with most of the … Continue reading

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Jack says Go!

Jack Frost paid a visit this morning and for the first time this winter, some of the plants are looking a bit peaky. It is January after all… On the other hand, it serves as a timely reminder of things to do in … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the flowers!

In the current zeitgeist, growing vegetables, along with crafts are increasingly popular activities. In that respect, it is just like the early 1970′s all over again. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Gardens and outdoor … Continue reading

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