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Say it with seeds

This is an outdoor project for a calm, sunny day, as it involves water, and mashed up tissues to create a type of paper embedded with seeds of your choice to get your message across  – so it could be … Continue reading

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You know you’re a bit of a Compost Geek when…

…you go to The London Food Link Soiree (an initiative of Sustain) and are inspired by the idea of totally compostable (not just biodegradable) food packaging. For a product to be certified compostable, it must break down in 12 weeks. Ever … Continue reading

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Rapunzel’s Mum knew what she wanted, and so should you!

The traditional fairy tales of Northern Europe are full of references to Sex and Growing Up (if you have a working knowledge of Freud and know what to look for!) and as such can be an invaluable source of advice. … Continue reading

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Compost, the Staff of Life

If you really want to know about composting on a grand scale, go to the website here to read how it’s done in Ontario by the guys at  Having said that, much of what applies to composting on a … Continue reading

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