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Mint, not the worst of Bullies

Fanny Cradock, who had a great influence on domestic cookery during the mid-twentieth century had a strong belief that herbs had their own characters; for her, mint was the bully of the herbs. And it is true that it is … Continue reading

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The Early Bird gets the Tour – and Breakfast, and Lunch!

…Not to mention invaluable information from the experts and an opportunity to network. What is it?  A half-day festival and street-food sustainability workshop, aimed at festival and street-food caterers looking to learn more about building sustainable food principles into their … Continue reading

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Guerilla Lite

While out on an urban wildflower spotting expedition with Alex Mitchell recently, (read her blog here) we discussed the topic of guerilla gardening. If you had been there, you would have heard her describe how, during the past year, she has completely changed … Continue reading

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It’s a Radish, Jim, but not as we know it

Rat tail radishes are just as easy to grow as regular radishes, but more fun. The seeds are about the same size, but instead of growing a tiny plant that languishes in the under-storey, it produces a stylish small bush … Continue reading

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The Streets of London are paved with…Green

The same goes for towns and cities all over the world. The type of green will vary according to the individual plants, but they will be there in all their magnificent, unassuming glory. Yet most of the population won’t even … Continue reading

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