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I had to Save the Bananas

  When Sergio announced that the over-ripe bananas would have to be thrown away, I knew what I had to do. Save them, of course. They are absolutely not my favourite fruit, but from time to time I feel inclined to … Continue reading

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Angelica, for Heavenly Sweetmeats

I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about Angelica. Firstly, there is its dramatic, sub-tropical appearance, allied with its short lifespan of a few years if you are lucky/crafty (removing the flowers prolongs it), which means if you don’t take … Continue reading

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Forgive me Myrtle

Generally, I like to set the garden up in Spring, then let it look after itself as much as possible. But I carried that approach too far this year when I allowed the variegated Myrtle to dry out. By the time … Continue reading

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Walking back to Happiness

Several weeks ago I attended a training session in Covent Garden to learn how to facilitate the DIY Happiness Game, an initiative aimed at encouraging people to be more aware of their own mental health, and that of others around them. The concept began … Continue reading

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Thanks for Dropping In, Forbs – and Yes, you may Stay

One advantage of a laissez-faire approach to gardening is the pleasant surprise of realising that as a reward for your inaction you have been ‘given’ a free plant. Trees, shrubs and forbs have all found their way to my patch over the years and … Continue reading

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2 Bob well spent

Recently, while poking around in a charity shop down by the Kent coast, I found just the thing I was looking for. It was in the ‘everything 10p’ box, so I seized the opportunity immediately, and bought it at once. It … Continue reading

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Oats, Too Good to leave to the Horses

Porridge, which Willie Rushton described as the world’s only grey food, is not the only way to serve oats, although that is probably the guise in which they are best known. I have to say that I have gone off … Continue reading

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