A Tale of Two Smoothies

chopped cherries

The first stage, chopped cherries in a bowl

Cherries are my absolutely favourite fruit in the whole world. The very best ones I ever had were growing adjacent to a garden centre on the North Kent coast last year. Black and luscious, at the peak of perfection, they hung down just within reach, and I grabbed as many as I could, putting out of my mind the fact that you should wash fruit, especially if birds have been anywhere near them. But I ate them anyway, and lived to tell the tale.

ingredients for cherry smoothie

All the ingredients for what I hoped would be a divine taste sensation

A couple of weeks ago I was in Lewisham Market and treated myself to 2lb of cherries, cost £2, which is a bargain. The plan was to eat some and make a drink from the rest. It was a bit of a faff, stoning them, but it was the only way I would ever taste them as a smoothie which I have wanted to do for a long time. A bit of milk was added before I took my hand blender and reduced them to a pulp. Curiously, they seemed to oxidise, because they turned a less than appetising brown. So I added a drop of rose flavoured syrup to redress the balance. This meant I didn’t have the pure taste of cherries I had hankered after – but having tasted them before adding the syrup I can say it wasn’t the spectacular experience I wanted. At least I know that they are better eaten as fruit, and I still might try again.

cherry smoothie

Exactly.. it tasted better than it looked, but it was not as special as I wanted it to be

On the other hand, I recently picked up a perfectly ripe red watermelon quarter in the supermarket which was reduced for quick sale. When I am in the mood, I do enjoy watermelon if it is served up, but it is not a fruit I am in the habit of buying. It was one of those rare, sunny days we have had lately and I had it in mind to experiment to see if it would make a decent, thirst-quenching drink. Once I had stripped out the seeds, the chopped fruit was given the same treatment. In a matter of minutes, I had a frothing bowl of rosy-pink unknown, ready to tip in a glass and try for the first time. Trust me, it was delicious and I would do it all again.

watermelon smoothie

Never mind the mess, it was worth it for the glorious watermelon smoothie taste sensation

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2 Responses to A Tale of Two Smoothies

  1. Love the cherry passion in your post! 😀

    I have a large mature cherry in the garden and it’s MASSIVE. I need a full extendable ladder to harvest my fruit and even then I need to do battle with the local colony of parakeets.

    Ive used the cherries to make gorgeous bellinis using cheapish cava from Sainsburys and to flavour home made cherry bakewell vodka.

    Filter cheap vodka 3 times through a Britta jug water filter.
    To the empty vodka bottle
    Add toasted almond flakes (ground almonds work just as well)
    Add cherries (fill bottle to one third full)
    Add 1 tbs of golden caster sugar.

    Pour the filtered vodka back into the bottle.
    Wait 10 days.
    Shake the bottle up twice a day.

    Filter out the fruit and almonds. Drink!

    • greenwichcda says:

      I know vodka takes on flavours easily – I have had home-made lemon vodka (flavoured with a strip of peel left in overnight) and honey vodka, but this recipe sounds delicious. I imagine red cherries are best for this, rather than the black ones.

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