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Hawthorn Jelly, easy to make

Food is a perennial topic of interest – there are always plenty of people floating about calling themselves ‘food writers’ at any food-themed gathering – and now healthy food and foraging are bang on trend. On a recent walk around Ide … Continue reading

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Sea Buckthorn, a sharp jelly – mind the spikes!

Sea Buckthorn has been around for a long time, but I only noticed it recently when walking about near my home because of the vivid orange berries. Once I found out that the berries are edible I was keen to forage … Continue reading

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Laziness, and a False Economy

I have just returned from a dental check up. The news wasn’t devastating, but it wasn’t good either. An x-ray has revealed that I have a tiny cavity developing in the molar next to my wisdom tooth. Nowadays, dentists aren’t allowed to tell … Continue reading

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200 Steps is All it Takes

Imagine you have just found yourself in the main entrance of Greenwich Station, feeling thirsty, but also wanting to be away from the crowds. You are only allowed 200 steps to reach your goal. The only option is to turn, … Continue reading

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Your Home for Life – Look after it!

It is very noticeable that the Nepalese who have recently settled in Plumstead are in the habit of exercising, whatever their age. In an ideal world, we would all be encouraged by our parents to find and enjoy the best … Continue reading

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The Fresher the Better

A while back, I attended the introductory training session for Growing Leaders from Capital Growth. As part of the proceedings, we were served a vegetarian lunch made from locally grown ingredients sourced from London farms. This might sound a bit fanciful, … Continue reading

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Blackberries and Oysters

One of the activities recommended on the website for the DIY Happiness Game is to ‘make something with your hands’. This project is achievable for anyone who is reasonably adept at hand sewing, and is able to visualise how flat … Continue reading

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