One small step isn’t enough

Here at GCDA the fitbugs have arrived and everyone who is part of a team is wearing them in the office, their every step (whether aerobic or not) monitored. Before the event, there was a fair bit of banter about being on the winning team and thrashing the opposition. The spirit of competition was in the air.

Then it was time to set up the devices to begin the programme. This is no more complicated than setting up a timer, and less difficult than setting up a DVD player. What was less easy to handle was the ‘weighing in’ part; starting weight is a key item of information, used to devise your individual fitness programme. I knew I had put on weight, mainly because of how I felt and looked, and recent weeks have involved rather more carousing than usual. But the scales indicated a weight rather more than I would like, the ‘mythical half stone’ that everyone intends to lose, coined by Vanessa Feltz.

As a general guideline, we should all walk at least 10,000 steps a day. I didn’t hit that either, as I was feeling lazy. Being overweight doesn’t help either. On the other hand, I have shed the pounds before, I’ve seen a few people who have also slimmed down recently, and one advantage of starting below par is that anything is an improvement. And now the weather has finally improved, it will be easier to get out and get active.


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