Their final Journey

The initial process of using the fitbug invites all users to set up an account which details their starting weight, height and waist measurement. It also suggests an initial fitness test as a means of assessing each individual’s physical ability to allow the setting of targets. This involved press-ups, stomach crunches (old style, elbows to knees) and a walking/jogging/running session to travel as far as possible in half an hour.

I duly donned shorts and dug out my ancient road-running trainers, purchased when I had had a previous fit of enthusiasm for exercise occasioned by attaining a certain ‘special’ birthday. Needless to say, it didn’t last, so they were practically in pristine condition. Off I set, round the local open space, slowing to a walk after completing one side of the field, before upping the pace once I had regained my composure.

It was as I was completing my first lap, that I began to notice an untoward ‘sticky’ feeling under my left foot. I glanced down but couldn’t see anything to account for it so began to jog again. It was then that the reason for the bizarre sensation manifested itself – the glue had perished so that the entire sole was becoming detached with every step and flapping at the back. A desirable quality in a seventeenth century Dutch ‘clapper shoe’ perhaps, but not the thing to encourage a superb step count. Luckily, I was quite close to my house. I shuffled home 10 minutes into the task and binned the redundant footwear. To add insult to injury, the website wouldn’t allow me to enter any details. Instead, I will be counting and uploading the steps regularly and seeing if my clothes fit better.


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