Meera Excited about Walking – but in the Right Shoes

We are now in our third week of the fitbug Walk to Rio Challenge. I caught up with Meera to ask her about her experience of fitbug so far. What quickly became clear is how motivational it can be to wear a device which counts every single step. For her, the competitive aspect is key to spurring her on, but it took a while to get into it. The first week was just about wearing it, during the second week she began to think ‘Maybe I should walk a bit more’, and now Meera is converted!

‘It’s made me excited about walking’, she said. ‘As a family we’ve been on a few walks, so it’s a shared experience. Mahendra (her husband) is on it and the kids ask, “How many steps have you done, mum?”. It’s got my family talking’. She does admit though, that it is sometimes very tempting to take the bus. But the thought of losing out on steps, and being near the bottom of the league table spurs her on. ‘I am determined not to be at that lower end of the chart!’. She speaks with a smile on her face, but you can tell she is not joking. Even if it takes longer to get to where she has to be, it just has to be planned into the day. ‘Time is of the essence’, she remarks.

One thing to consider, which doesn’t generally apply to men, is which shoes to wear. Obviously heels are out of the question, but even those which are fine for generally moving around in at home or work may start to become uncomfortable when marching along to the station. She indicates the toe strap on her sandals and tells me they can rub after a while. Another downside is that it means she can’t walk as quickly, so can’t reach her step target so easily. Meera is already thinking seriously about wearing her trainers to walk to work, then changing later. There are a good number of weeks still to go, but I expect Meera will have notched up a respectable tally of steps by the end of the programme. Her heart is in it.


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