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One small step isn’t enough

Here at GCDA the fitbugs have arrived and everyone who is part of a team is wearing them in the office, their every step (whether aerobic or not) monitored. Before the event, there was a fair bit of banter about being … Continue reading

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Laziness, and a False Economy

I have just returned from a dental check up. The news wasn’t devastating, but it wasn’t good either. An x-ray has revealed that I have a tiny cavity developing in the molar next to my wisdom tooth. Nowadays, dentists aren’t allowed to tell … Continue reading

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Remember the Power of Perfume

Don’t neglect the sense of smell when gardening, be it in your own or someone else’s space. The sense of smell is known to be extremely evocative, calling to mind absent friends and long forgotten memories, but apart from an … Continue reading

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The Lost Treasure of Essex

    The other week, I was visiting friends in Kent and passed an orchard that stood next to the motorway. In one field I was shocked to see rows of trees with fruit left uncollected, with most of the … Continue reading

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