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Hawthorn Jelly, easy to make

Food is a perennial topic of interest – there are always plenty of people floating about calling themselves ‘food writers’ at any food-themed gathering – and now healthy food and foraging are bang on trend. On a recent walk around Ide … Continue reading

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Sea Buckthorn, a sharp jelly – mind the spikes!

Sea Buckthorn has been around for a long time, but I only noticed it recently when walking about near my home because of the vivid orange berries. Once I found out that the berries are edible I was keen to forage … Continue reading

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The Lost Treasure of Essex

    The other week, I was visiting friends in Kent and passed an orchard that stood next to the motorway. In one field I was shocked to see rows of trees with fruit left uncollected, with most of the … Continue reading

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To Jam, or not to Jam

Having researched Physalis on the internet, as well as learning that they were first grown in England at the end of the 18th C.,  I found out that they are rich in pectin, so are ideal for making jam. However, I really … Continue reading

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