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Their final Journey

The initial process of using the fitbug invites all users to set up an account which details their starting weight, height and waist measurement. It also suggests an initial fitness test as a means of assessing each individual’s physical ability … Continue reading

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One small step isn’t enough

Here at GCDA the fitbugs have arrived and everyone who is part of a teamĀ is wearing them in the office, their every step (whether aerobic or not) monitored. Before the event, there was a fair bit of banter about being … Continue reading

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A Personal Choice

I was listening in to a conversation the other day between Meera and Claire. Meera was asking how much Claire spent on buying ‘ecologically sound/sustainable’ food and domestic products. Her point was that she couldn’t afford to buy the ‘good’ … Continue reading

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Your Home for Life – Look after it!

It is very noticeable that the Nepalese who have recently settled in Plumstead are in the habit of exercising, whatever their age. In an ideal world, we would all be encouraged by our parents to find and enjoy the best … Continue reading

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