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Rosehip-hip hooray!

The foraged food taster at the MVMNT cafe in November entailed preparation of food and drink on a grand scale, far more than most people would ever undertake at home. Fortunately, we had access to the kitchens at GCDA with … Continue reading

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Compost, the Staff of Life

If you really want to know about composting on a grand scale, go to the website here to read how it’s done in Ontario by the guys at CompostJunkie.com. ┬áHaving said that, much of what applies to composting on a … Continue reading

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Chit Chat

Potatoes are now available in the pound shops. This will be the third year I have grown them, and I recommend this way of acquiring seed potatoes for anyone with limited space and experience. The only ones worth growing are … Continue reading

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Physalis, give it a go!

Last week I gathered the last few handfuls of what will probably be the last fruit from the Physalis (cape Gooseberry) growing inthe rasied bed in my garden. It is incredible to think it is nearly December and I am … Continue reading

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